The various scaffolding systems

We sell many more different cars and new scaffolding systems of the brands Layher, Plettac, MJ scaffold, Hünnebeck, Rux, Assco, Albert, Alfix.
A distinction is made between a frame and Allround scaffolding.
The frame structure, such as eg. Layher, Plettac SL or consists essentially of at assembly frames, railings, diagonal, different frame types of soil etc.
The difference with Allround equipment, such as eg. Layher Allround, Plettac Contur, or Hünnebeck Modex is that this framework does not consist of the finished assembly frames, but from stalks (vertical pipes with plates) and vertical bars (horizontal pipes). These are connected to each other and thus created the "frame" or the scaffolding bays. This kind of scaffolding is used mainly for special or complicated projects, but also for normal use for example. Facade scaffolding, roofing scaffolding etc. are usable.